Using 60 Minute Normalized Power For FTP?

Hi Frank/coaches! This is throwing me for a loop. In your video about how to determine FTP improvement with NP at approximately 7:50 into the clip you said:

“Guys and gals, if your peak 60 min NP is greater than what you have your FTP set at, guess what? That’s your new FTP.”

I’ve listened to the whole clip a few times now. Is there a VI attached to this? For example and the reason I ask: I just did the Sea Otter Circuit with a 60 minute NP of 326; average power of 257; for a VI of 1.33.

Here’s the video I’m referencing. Thx as always and sorry if I missed the obvious. I think in the larger context you were getting at comparing the same ride/race multiple times rather than say my one time Sea Otter file:

There is no VI attached because that’d be something you would look at in the analysis. Knowing the Sea Otter course and the hill’s demand for anaerobic outputs its likely that this is an “NP buster” but I’d half to look at the file. Also you’d want to look at what your FTP is in relation to the 60 min NP. If significantly higher you could have set a higher FTP. You also want to factor in you anaerobic strength

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Recently did outdoor ride for 1hr 51 min hard with NP 241 and my FTP is 245W. VI 1.14. Felt it after. Does this suggest my FTP is higher? Thank you.

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Perfect! Thank you Frank!

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Not sure what was your P60 min NP? If > than your FTP, yes

You bet - so what was your FTP going into the Sea Otter? Curious a) if this was a buster and b) how much you smashed it (P60 min = 326w) greater than your FTP

FTP was set at 281 going in but please read: I was sick from February 5th after a nice build (FTP of 311) for almost 4 weeks. Did another field test shortly thereafter yielding the 281 on March 5th.

I used the 281 to do a sweet spot base block going into this (not an A or B race…just a fun thing to do for once). I did not re-evaluate or adjust my FTP during the block.

I definitely feel I have a larger than normal anaerobic contribution to my FTP as I can generate more power for a 20 minute field test on the TT bike on flat to rolling terrain vs. the road bike on a gentle climb.

Was planning on another test this week but, work got in the way. Will do one next week when a touch fresher.

edit: From WKO+ the best 60 min of the circuit yielded VI of 1.33; IF of 1.14; TSS 131; 896KJ; 257 avg power; NP 326; avg HR 155 w/ max of 180 (I know this means nada to you) my max is around 190 fyi; PW:HR -3.31; and an EF of 2.1

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