Upgrade from basic to intermediate


I purchased SS part 1 a couple months back. Being new to Fascat I didn’t realize there were level options so I ended up with the basic plan which I started this past Monday and is proving to be too easy. Could I please be upgraded to the intermediate plan. Thanks in advance.

Hey James! More than happy to bump you up.
I have swapped those in TrainingPeaks for you, now all you need to do is accept the intermediate plan through the link in your inbox from training peaks.

Also, welcome to the FasCat Coalition. Stoked to have you!

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Thanks so much Lacey. I appreciate it!


Can you bump
Me up again from basic 32wk plan to intermediate please :pray:t2:. Thanks in advance

Just bumped you up Kamil!
You should have the email from TrainingPeaks waiting for you in your inbox :slight_smile:

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