How will I know when I have reached a given TSS goal?

Hi - I am very new to this kind of training. I have my 3rd ride (in my first plan) set for a day or two from now. I have read about TSS but it’s not clear to me – as my plan suggests – when/how I would know when I reached the TSS goal (125 in my case). I understand that I should ride 100-140 minutes between “Zone 2 and the high end of Sweet Spot” but … how will I know that I’ve reached the 124 goal?

Separate question: How do you put the HR data into Training Peaks. I don’t have a power meter.

Thanks for your patience with a newcomer!


Hey John - a few pointers:

  • Whichever bike computer you are using, make sure your Heart rate zones are set correctly.
  • Most computers are able to show TSS in real time so just have a quick read of the manual and it should tell you how you can show TSS on your screen as you ride.
  • There are a few ways to get HR data into TrainingPeaks. Again, depending on the device you are using you can either connect Garmin directly to TrainingPeaks, alternatively if you use Strava then you can’t connect it to TrainingPeaks and it will populate your rides with HR data automatically.

Hi @johnj.goodman - welcome to the Coalition,

Another way to think about your training without having to worry about TSS, is to follow the duration and the intensity prescribed in the plan. If you do that the TSS will take care of itself because we have designed that into the plan (so you don’t have to worry about it)

This is why a complete plan is nice like the 16 weeks of sweet spot - you follow that and your TSS is taken care of

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Thanks, Frank. I’m trying to follow the plan. A big step for someone like me!

When it says reach 125 TSS, over 100-140 minutes: So I ride in the Sweet Spot (for me 132-150 HR - really about 140-145) for that time period … right? Frankly, that seems like a lot, judging from the 3x8 minutes at Sweet Spot I just did. I don’t think I can actually maintain 140 for 2 hours.

I recently rode for 2 hours at around 128 HR average, and was at 100 TSS at the end … so if I up it a bit to about 135 that might get me to 125 TSS. I can probably come close to that 135 level for a longer period … we’ll see tomorrow!

I actually don’t have a bike computer and am doing everything via Garmin watch/HR.

Maybe I’ll get a bike computer for X-mas. Spent my money on the plan!



Which Garmin watch are you using?

Thanks, Yogi. The 45 Forerunner. I’ve memorized my zones (more or less). On today’s ride,I hit the TSS almost exactly. So I am getting the hang of it …