Sunday rides and metrics

Historically I have been recording power and heartrate data on indoor rides and some outdoor ones but not my Sunday chill out rides. Being new to structured training plans and Training Peaks my question is how much will this skew the results.
I noticed the Sunday rides which migrated from Garmin to TP when I did not use heart strap have no TSS score when they are dropped in the calendar and they do not appear at all in Performance Management tool.
I am due to start Sweet spot training following Fascat programme from Mon 22nd when I can make sure I connect heart strap when outdoor rides even though I do not have a power meter on the bike. So I wonder if heart data but no power data will also mess up results?
I may be overthinking this :crazy_face:

You can use just your heart rate to track TSS. TrainingPeaks will give you a hrTSS (heartrate TSS). It may not be as accurate as your power as it doesn’t give you instant feedback like a powermeter but it will get you close and help you track your overall fitness in the Performance Manager Chart.

You should try to give previous rides with no TSS a TSS score based on how you felt the effort went. A zone 2 ride will be around 40 - 50 TSS per hour. If you are doing more chill could be as low as 35 per hour, but that is a good starting point.

Every ride you do you should use a way to track it if you want accurate data. This way you can track fitness and fatigue. This way when you look for trends of when you are performing well or feel bad you can look back and know why.

Hi Jake
Thanks for the advice. Will update the rides without TSS.

One other question.
Both plans that I purchased appear in TP calendar and I have linked Garmin Connect and Bkool indoor platform with TP.
I have planned to start SweetSpot training Mon 22nd should the the scheduled workouts appear in Garmin Connect on the relevant days or do they need to be entered manually. None of the rides or off bike workouts appear in Garmin Connect or Bkool calendar even though data from both platforms transfers over to TP.

You can have your TrainingPeaks workouts auto sync with Garmin connect and onto your Garmin.

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