Trying to be as realistic as possible with training availability

Ok so I’m trying to be realistic and set up something that I can ACTUALLY do and get at least some results from.

I’m not racing anymore (that ship has sailed with consent from both parties) all I really want to do is to keep in shape enough to not need new jerseys every 3 months due to lack of ride time as well as be able to keep up with the strong but non race group of riders that I typically ride with.

Yes I know I need to make sure I’m winning in the kitchen, which I’m absolutely not currently and is a whole different conversation completely.

So lets get down to what is, has and likely always will be my hindering factor which is my life obligations. I am a very very busy professional bicycle mechanic/custom builder/fitter that is currently in the process of opening up my own location. This means I’m currently working 40-45 hours a week at the shop I’m the head mechanic at as well as squeezing in my own 100% personal clients in for service/builds/fits out of my personal location that will soon be my full time space but not until spring. I’m looking at 55ish working hours a week in all reality. My other big factor is the schedule that I have with my daughter, I have her every single Friday afternoon until Monday morning as well as every other Wednesday. A lot of those times we spend out of town with our dogs on weekend trips or at the horse stable so the idea of long weekend rides simply isn’t an option for me.

I truthfully have Monday Tuesday Thursday and every other Wednesday evenings as actual options.

I just had Lacey swap my weights+base program to basic from intermediate and loaded it on TrainingPeaks to realize that it’s still a 6 day a week program that I really can’t see a way to modify to make fit my schedule. I’m kind of starting to feel like I just need to hang it up, focus on work and life until things open up a bit more (though that’s obviously not a guarantee)

Thanks for at least opening my question even if you don’t have anything to offer/add


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You sound busy!

What is the likelihood of hiring a coach? This is a great option because a coach can literally make your schedule work for you.


What ^^ Allie said - we can help but it’s not an off the shelf training plan solution , would be :100: 1x1 coaching


To Allie and Frank,

Thank you for the responses, I really appreciate it! As far as hiring a coach to go 1x1 with is absolutely in the realm of possibilities for me. I really just wasn’t even sure if it would be something doable for a coach with such a constricted schedule.

Thanks again and yes Allie you are 100% correct, I am EXTREMELY busy lol



Let us know how we can help you!


I feel you on the busyness. Same boat with fewer restrictions though to be honest. Not having weekend availability for longer rides makes it tough. I agree with Frank and Allie that a coach can really get you dialed. Perhaps along with dropping down to a lower hours version of their plans, you could fill in some zone 2 volume when you can. That way it is optional, it is enjoyable (who doesn’t enjoy a nice, easy spin?) and it is not going to become red on your TrainingPeaks calendar if you can’t do it that day. Last tips would be to go to be earlier than you think (get off the screen, Netflix doesn’t care if you finished the episode), get rid of any alcohol/sweets after dinner, and wake up early one of the weekend days to knock out a short, high quality workout before your daughter is up. That’s pretty low hanging fruit.

I’ve had weeks and months so busy that I’ll just look at the training plan for the week as a deck of cards, pulling a workout out for that day based on available time, tiredness, etc. It’s not a perfect FTFP but it certainly can allow you to maintain consistency… Hope that helps!

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