Trainingpeaks Premium Cyber Monday Sale

Hey All!

Just a friendly shoutout/ reminder that Trainingpeaks is having a cyber monday sale on Premium Subscriptions!
As we have mentioned in the past its not required to use and access our plans but its a great tool and really helps you push your training. Check it out! Find it just on the TP home page!

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!


It would be nice if we could retroactively apply this discount to the full price renewal I just did last month. LOL

As we like to say @dan.aponik - that was the deal we worked with TrainingPeaks AND we also have already provided 20% off for you after your free 30 days

So we get a free month on TP with the purchase of a FC plan. If we buy the year plan -does it start after the free month or day we buy it

Curious as the 25% off coupon does still work today .

Not much difference as can get 20% off anyway after free month


It “should” apply after your already built up free month if you apply the code first. However I would check with Trainingpeaks to confirm.