Training Plan For Iceman Commeth Challenge (MTB)

Hi There.
Looking a head to the Iceman (MTB) 2019. Which training plan would you suggest to maxamize current fitness levels & increase performance leading up to the event in November.

You can do the Iceman plan. Still plenty of time between then and now.

What plan have you been on recently? Since the race is not till November a slight break might be good at some point soon unless you have other racing aspirations.

I’d recommend doing sweet spot 2 plan than the Iceman plan. Don’t want super hard intensity at the moment but keep and build a level of fitness after a small break (week or so). The the Iceman plan would increase the intensity and build towards the race.

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Hi Jake. I have recently finished Intervals for Road Racing. Our summer road racing series concludes September 10th. I like the idea of SS 2 then a small break heading into the Iceman plan. Would you suggest an FTP test before SS Plan? or after the break heading into the Iceman plan?

Do the test after the rest. This would make it the most accurate before the Iceman plan.