A Race in November. Fill in the gaps

3 weeks to go of Sweet Spot Part 3. A Race will be the Iceman which is first Saturday in November. I will be doing the 6 week Iceman plan for that. I plan on repeating Part 3 again the 6 weeks prior. That will leave 8 or 9 weeks between the end of my current plan and the start of the SS Part 3-Iceman block. 48 year old male, CTL will be just under 60 at the end of this current block. Will be doing a handful of XC MTB races and longer gravel rides throughout the summer. Just doing the math it looks like I will have 2-3 weeks of free riding. But what 6 week plan should I do before I jump back into SS-Iceman block?

Here’s to a great day.

Hi @sociajm - the MTB race in season plan comes to mind:

I’m thinking that looks like a winner. Although Tabata’s? :slight_smile: That doesn’t sound fun. Thanks Frank.

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Yeah but you’ll get real fast!


Alright then. I’m in.