Training Peaks Help Mega Thread

HI @seanlowry - looks like everything is A OK. Just because it says ‘rest week’ doesn’t mean you’ll be sitting on the couch the whole week - there is still training and #FtFP’ing to be done.

@Isaiah, my TP premium account just expired and the 20FASCAT19 no longer works.

Is there another code I can use?


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I use the free TP version that doesn’t allow me to see data based on laps or portions of the workout.

I just completed the 18 week ss program and TP sent me my new FTP (which I assume it calculates based on the 20 FTP portion e.g. lap 11). However, it doesn’t send me Heart Rate info and I’m trying to figure out what my Threshold HR is in order to input into the Fascat sheet and TP.

Should I just use my average HR over the course of the 1 hour workout, or during the 20 min FTP test (and if the latter…where can I get this data from)?

Thanks in advance.

Hey Marko! I am sending you an email to assist you :slight_smile:

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Hey, are there 2021 TP codes?

Edit: Found it here, took a little searching is all;



I recently completed an FTP test and my FTP increased. I’ve updated the zones in both TrainingPeaks and Garmin. However, since my future workouts in my training plan have already been synced to Garmin, they’re still showing the old power targets.

I’ve asked TrainingPeaks support for help, and they say the workaround is to copy/paste/delete the workouts to cause them to re-sync. This workaround works, but is a huge hassle for the weeks and weeks of workouts on my calendar.

I’ve seen other suggestions on the FasCat forums to unapply and re-apply the plans, but I’ve also purchased a Coaching Subscription, so my plans have now been modified, so it’s not so easy.

Is anyone aware of any other workarounds for this?

Any possibility of supporting something like instead of TrainingPeaks? Or am I forever doomed to have to copy, paste, delete each and every workout on my calendar?

You shouldn’t have to do anything to your TrainingPeaks workouts. I think the workaround would be to delete all of the workouts on your Garmin and then re-sync from the Garmin connect app.
On my edge 520 plus I see:
Workouts → Workout Options → Delete All

I had to do this recently as I had some sort of issue causing my workouts not to show up on the day of the workout. After deleting all the workouts and re-syncing everything was fixed.

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Ah, you’re right, the workouts do seem to get refreshed! Though the same exact working under “Training Plan” on the Edge has the wrong zones. So I guess the alternative workaround would be for me to look at the workout in “Training Plan” for the day, and then go to “Workouts” and find that same workout there and use it instead of the one prescribed in the Training Plan calendar on the device.

Another workaround I just thought of would be to shift the week to some week a year in the future, and then copy/paste that whole week and delete the whole week. That would mean that I’d only need to do that workaround once per week, vs once per day, which is better, I suppose. I guess I can just make a habit of remembering to do that every Sunday night.


have some in my pocket:



I just purchased SS 4 as I have completed SS 1-3 and RR Intervals. I haven’t had any trouble synching previous plans with TP in the past, but this time it is not appearing for me. Any help would be appreciated. Ty

Hey @davidbelman - did you accept the plan via the link that TP emailed you?
If you did that and then refreshed your browser and that plan is still not showing up for you, let me know. I can shoot you an email with a link to connect your TP to ours so that I can manually add it in there for you.

Hi Lacey,
Maybe it’s something on TP’s side. I did not receive an email to accept a plan this time. I also made sure that I was using the same email address and that all looks good. I checked spam as well and did not see an email there either. Maybe you could try sending it again?
Thank you and have a great day.

-David Belman

Hey David! I just pushed that plan to you again. I will also shoot you an email right now just in case that does not solve the issue this time around.

I had a similar question, but without the Garmin. I just want to know if I update my FTP in Training Peaks, will it automatically apply that to the upcoming workouts in my Calendar?

I’m working out with Zwift and I know TP only pushes one workout at a time to Zwift and it does this only once/day.

So is TP going to update all my upcoming workouts with the new FTP number I put in tonight? I hope so.

You also have to update the ftp in Zwift (and any other ftp device). TP does not sync any ftp data across different platforms. Zwift takes the % numbers from TP, So, even though TP is correct, Zwift will do the WO under the old ftp.

Your Garmin FTP setting is probably just not resetting. I had to manually adjust mine under settings somewhere.

Hi Coaches,
Maybe someone has already ask this, but couldn’t find anything, however if someone has sorry for asking again.
Why, within a Plan, some sessions have ranges of FTP and in others we have an specific number. It is probably nonsense, but it makes my life easier outside to try to stay within a range than try to be at an specific number. Can I do something on my own in TP to make all to have ranges? I know I could write them, but if it works in some sessions why not make to all sessions. Hope you understand :slight_smile: