Training Peaks Help Mega Thread

Howdy…I’m starting on a plan purchased in late 2018 and wanted to use the 30 day premium code for TP, which I tried to use the one given back then with TP CS and was told it’s invalid. Is there a current one I can use to access the TP premium trial?

Hi Mike!

The codes are here:


I have the 6 weeks to cx plan. Today there is a run and a ride workout.

I completed the hour ride but TP registered it as the run and the workout is yellow. Can this be fixed? I looked in both the mobile and desktop app but don’t see anything that would change it.

On desktop web you can click the triple lines on the yellow workout and unpair it, then drag the purple recorded workout that will show up onto the planned bike entry


Thanks Chad! That option is only available in the calendar view and I’d been looking at the one working when trying.

Here is the help article if anyone else needs it:


I purchased a training plan for the second time this year. The discount code for my free 30 days of Training Peaks will not work, because it was used already. What do I need to do? @FRANK

hey @tilkerb

The 30 days premium code is limited to one use per user. You can however jump on our code for 20% off a premium subscription - 20FASCat19


All of the plans say that you get a free 30 day training Peaks account, did I miss some fine print? I’ll prob get the year sub anyway…

Ya that is the best we could work out with Trainingpeaks. But with the discount code it keep the price pretty reasonable.
Just a reminder also the plans are totally operational without a premium account.


I have the 32 week off season plan and it’s going great after 2 weeks (lots to go). I’m looking forward into 2020 trying to figure out which plans I should be ready to execute. Looking at the 32 week plan it’s made up of several 6-10 week plans that I could use through the year. Is there any way that I can pull the individual plans out of the 32 week block, so I would have sweet spot 1-3, etc in separate blocks?

You can cut and paste the 6 week blocks just like you would in a Word doc.


Hi there – This cupon code is not working for me… I already had regular TP access so I didn’t have to set up a new account for this training plan, but it’s not letting me apply the 30 day free code when I go to upgrade to premium. ?? I can’t access the plan with the non-premium account. :frowning:

Well, I figured out how to access the plan w/out premium… but I’d still like to try premium and it tells me that the code is “expired”.

Hey @suzannebessette,

The coupon is one use per customer. Have you used the code before by chance?

Second time user here and just bought the 18 wk SS Intermediate plan. Problem is when I log into my TP account it would not allow me to use the 30 free premium account. Ok, I read the Forum and found out that because i have used it once before that I cannot get another free 30 days. So I tried the 20offFasCat19 on an annual plan and it said that the coupon is invalid for the product being purchased… same for a quarterly and monthly.

Am I missing something?


Nevermind, problem solved. I received two emails from FASCAT with two different codes… neither one worked. Finally found a forum post that included the correct code “20FASCat19”

Recommend updating your email notifications when you get a chance.


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I’m doing the 32 Week Off Season Resistance and Sweet Spot training plan. I’ve uploaded it into my Training Peaks calendar and the Weeks Off seem all messed up. There are several SINGLE days listed as regeneration week but there are also multiple workouts schedule during the same weeks. How do I clean this up?


Hi @seanlowry - it sounds like you have accidentally applied your plan more than once. No worries, its an easy fix.

Go back and “unapply” from your training plan library - select Monday as your start date


I have a premium TP account and would like to start creating my own Training Plans. I don’t want to share the plan with anyone - just use it myself. Is there any way to do this? I know I can plan workouts for specific dates, but how do I group workouts into a plan that I can schedule/use later? The coaching option for TP seems to allow this but also permits sharing, which I don’t want to do. I also don’t feel I should have to fork out $$ for that option when I’m never going to share the workouts anyway.


Hey, I definitely did not apply the plan twice. I tried the recommendation to “unapply” and then start it again, and still the rest weeks have training days scheduled. Or maybe I’m just interpreting it incorrectly. Has anyone else experienced this problem with 32 week offseason plan? below is the screenshot: