Power meters for bike

I have an 8 speed shimano Claris and I’m not sure what power meter I would be able to get that would fit for this. I’m completely new to the sport and power meters. Not sure if any lever arm meters would work or what things to consider. Thanks!

Hey Kee
I’m a newbie here but…
I dipped my toe into the power meter world by getting a PowerCal which is cheap and accuracy-wise close enough to the more expensive options. It gave me a feel for what power was about although it works on algorithms of heart rate. A good pacing tool for your own workouts but don’t compare numbers with others.

Yeah I would recommend a Stages. But they probably don’t make a crank arm reinstalled with the power unit on it that would fit your crank. They do take in your own crank and can most of the time put one on now, however that service is on hold.

Another option would be power pedals. Quarq (Saris) and Garmin both make power pedals. There are other companies as well. Though these might wear out over time like any pedal so it’s a bit of money to put in this system. But this might be your best option to get on power without upgrading your whole bike. Then you could transfer to any bike.

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I’ve been really happy with the Assioma pedals, I move it between my bikes like Coach Jake mentioned.


Second that for tha assioma pedals, I transfer between bikes as well.


I have an Assimo too and it works great.

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Another nod to Favero Assioma. The price is right for a single side meter, and they have been more reliable for me than a Stages meter. Easy to upgrade to dual side meters later if that’s your thing. The threaded hole on bike cranks is normally standardized, so you can take the pedals off and quickly transfer to another bike.

Only downside is the rechargeable battery which can’t be quick swapped for another battery if you forget to charge it. This burned me once at a race, and had to pace off my HR strap. Battery life is I think around 50hr, so I obviously let it go too long.

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What about Quarq or Power2Max Eco? Could you find one that would fit?

Could you find a used crank that would fit?