Less Power Outdoors after Bike Fit?

Hey there Fascats. Curious if anyone has experienced this – I got a new bike fit in December. We went to narrower bars, longer stem, seat adjustments, etc. I am in a more aero/aggressive position. It feels comfortable. My back and neck hurt less, handling feels better, an on the trainer indoors, I’m nailing my workouts and hitting higher power targets than last year at this time by about 15w.

But, outside, I can barely hit the same watts I was doing last year. This hasn’t happened to me in my few years of training. Generally I get the bump outside that most riders see. Anyone experience this?

The kicker is that now that I’m getting deeper into the SS plan for this year, I am starting to set PRs again but my watts are basically the same as last year. Sometimes I’m taking 20-30s off of a half hour to an hour segment. I’m wondering if maybe I just can’t hold position as well when I’m climbing outside in this fit yet, while on a flatter surface I’m able to sustain the position more. I’ve noticed small changes in my body with this fit can push me up or down up to 30w.

Any insights would be appreciated. Thank you. :slight_smile:

My tuppence worth…this can happen when I use different wheels/helmet.

I cannot think of a reason why your bike fit would make you slower outdoors only. Especially since you said you are more comfortable, which should translate to more speed.