Fatigue Dependent Training Plan Podcast!

Happy weekend!

In case you’re driving out to the races or hanging out after your ride, this week’s podcast is now available if you didn’t catch the YouTube live: https://fascatcoaching.com/tips/fatigue-dependent-training-plan-design-2/

@FRANK and I discuss the idea of crafting training plans to factor in fatigue and progression during different phases of the training calendar, and how that impacts performance and maximizing training quality. It’s a nerdy one! Thanks for listening y’all…



Hi Jackson;

I got so much out of this podcast - I use your training plans but have not yet engaged a coach, so learning more about how they are put together brought a great perspective. During the podcast, you mentioned that you would talk about how to lay out a week for Sunday races, but didn’t get to it. Specifically, just about all of our CX races are on Sundays, but the programs have mainly Saturday races - how would you set up the week for Sunday CX races and still get in the longer rides? I have a typical M-F work schedule. Thank you!


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Hi Geraldine - The best edit you can make to your plan for racing is

2 days before the race = off day
1 day before the race = openers


Thank you Frank. What is your advice for making up the longer rides that are usually on Sundays? I plan to skip some Sunday races to make sure and get some training in, but not all of them. Would riding an extra hour or so after a race be a good substitute?

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Its hard to say @gevolympia without looking at your plan and what you have going on and then making a revision. We offer that now with our $39 Coaching Subscription - details are here:


and that includes revising your plan and analyzing your power data once monthly

Hello Frank,

That is a very fair point!

I don’t have power data as my power meter (a powercal) is so unreliable that it’s useless, so I just use hr and figured my money is better spent on training plans and better bike parts than a power meter for now. I’m not sure the $39 coaching subscription would therefore meet my needs. Would you consider instead a thorough review of my training plan through CX Nats? It is basically all your plans strung together, but needs a bit of customizing around the events I’m planning. If you would do that, please let me know the cost. Also, if I’m mistaken and you think the coaching subscription would still be a good fit, please let me know. Thanks!

Also, I’m not sure this is stuff for on the forum, hence the email reply.



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This is what our coaching subscriptions are for :: for revisions of your plans specific to each of your events