Thank you FasCat and Christian Parrett

Thanks to FasCat and Christain Parrett,

Great race this weekend at the Utah State CX Championships. 3rd Place for me in a very fast and competitive field. Christian was a huge help in dialing in my prep earlier in the week and rest towards the end to be fresh for the weekend races. One more race in the UTCX series then its off season. I am very excited for next year, more weight training FTFPing, gravel and CX. I am sticking with FasCat and Christian!


Congrats @bryangeeotr !!!

Yea Bryan, copngrats! Tip of the iceberg as we say :muscle:
Tip of the Iceberg

Thank you Frank. I am feeling very optimistic about the future with the bike (gravel and CX). I have a lot of work to do this off-season but I am also looking at things in 3-year blocks for improvement. I am hoping to attend a CX training camp if I can find one in the Western US (hint hint). I think Christian is great, the plans are great, and the podcast is great. It makes training accessible and the ROI is very high given the affordability of what FasCat offers.


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Awesome to hear @bryangeeotr - maybe one day will we bring back the Jeremy Powers Cyclocross Camp :running_man: :muscle:


yes please to the camp. I need to learn how to bunny hop!