Masters TSS - combining weekend rides with workouts

I am 55 years old and have started using Training Peaks a couple of months ago for the first time.

Have plotted an average TSS of around 650 per week as this fits in with my age profile, then a 4 week cycle for training. My CTL according to the planner peaks at around 92.

My weekly rides usually consists of three workouts on Zwift and then I have time for a couple of weekend long rides. From reading up I understand that this combination is good, especially as my weekend rides are usually one at tempo or sweetspot and the other at a high pace but short of tempo.

However my issue is that when I do two long weekend rides my TSS shoots up and therefore I guess my CTL will also follow up.

Is this sustainable or should I just reduce the time I spend on weekend rides?

Usually longer weekend rides carry a TSS of 320 each whilst the workouts are average 70 TSS

The only time that these big weekend rides are an issue is when the effect the training the following week. So if you do 600 TSS on the weekend and are not recovered by the time it comes for Tuesday’s intervals than maybe it is too much. You have to ask yourself what are you training for and if you really benefit from two big weekend rides. Or would you better suited for a specific type of work, simulation ride or interval training and then a typical long endurance ride the other day?

If you are in the base building phase the long weekend rides are good most of the time. It is increasing your CTL and building your base. However when you switch from base to race you typically increase the intensity and lower the duration. This will allow you to be fresher when its time to go harder.

Im not into racing really though I like to see PRs on Strava like most of us.

My target centres around a trip to the Pyrenees June next year when it will be 5 days of climbing,

How would you suggest I train for that.

I would absolutely include those big rides on the weekends, especially in that 3 - 6 week window before your trip. If possible I would recommend you try doing at least a 3 day block where you an get 3 long rides together. Ideally this would be 3 - 4 weeks before. Why I say 3 weeks out is that it can take roughly 2 - 3 weeks to adapt to any training and receive the benefits from it.

I would recommend a lot of sweet spot training! We have an 18 week sweet spot plan that you could roll into our 6 week Haute Route plan (similar riding as you would do in the Pyrenees)

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I like the idea, however I have already been active doing sweet spot weekend rides and 12 weeks combining my own workouts with it. Basically following Training Peaks ATP.

My CTL should be 72 by end of this week, and there are still 42 weeks until my trip, would it make sense to start the 18 weeks of sweet spot now (does the progression start from my level atm?)

Would you recommend two lots of 18 week sweet spot and then follow the Haute Training Plan?

Also, I tend to do hilly rides during every weekend and during the last few weeks before my trip, I will try and get in longer hilly rides around my area with the group travelling with me, how would you fit all this in.

With 42 weeks to go @Rockdel - you are in “On” Season mode:

Get into our 32 week training plan with weight and ALL the sweet spot base going thru all 5 training phases


  1. Annual Training Program (ATP) (planning)
  2. Fall Foundation, Aerobic Endurance & Muscle Tension Intervals.
  3. Resistance Training: 10 Week, 4 Phase, Cycling Specific.
  4. Sweet Spot Part 1, 2, and 3: building a “Hemi-Powered Aerobic Engine”.
  5. Race Specific Intervals

Just bought the Sweetspot 18 week plan and looking forward to starting it towards the end of Sept as I will be away on a trip before that. Whole setup was seamless and have added it onto TP already.

Is there a way of seeing the progression of my fitness? (similar to when you create an ATP within Training Peaks). I can see the workouts but not this type of chart.

Also I usually do two weekend rides, one long one at sweetspot more or less with TSS 300 or 350, then I will try and do the other at zone 2 usually shorter than in the plan. Is this ok?

Hey @Rockdel!

To see that you will need a premium training peaks account. To get that, you can use FasCats promo code for 30 days free that you received in your welcome email. It can also be found here: START HERE to use your plan

In that thread is also a code for 20% off a year of premium, which is a great deal. It works out to about $8/month. If you were to purchase it month by month, it would be $20.

Hope that helps! Good luck with your new plan and as always, don’t forget to #FtFP :wink: