Strength phase / Sprint Intervals


I am in the Strength phase of the plan and started doing the sprint intervals. The plan says FULL Gas, but there are also ranges in the training peaks workout. I did work out today and found myself over 10TSS higher than prescribed and the watts I hit were almost 200W more. Am I doing these correctly?

Should I follow the prescribed zones, or go as hard as I can?

Go Full Gas! The prescribed zones for full gas efforts are only an estimate. Some athletes can sprint much harder than others so it’s hard to say what full gas is for everyone. You did them correctly by going over.

Good question.

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Sprint intervals - My Tip

After a couple of sprint intervals sessions the challenge seems to be choosing the right gear to start the interval and enabling a ramp up in cadence to 110+ but not so easy that slowing down to 60rps is almost free wheeling.

I found once you work out your ideal gear to get a nice ramp and resistance to 110+ cadence you are best bet is before starting the interval choose a gear 2-3 higher that provides some resistance at 60rpms then right before the interval start drop the gear to 2-3 notches to your ideal gearing.

Hope this helps