Riding the Steamboat Gravel 100mi in August, which plan do you recommend?

Hi there,

I’m riding SBT GRVL 100mi in August and wondering which Plan, and at what Level, I should choose for my next 6 weeks of training.

I am currently in week 4 of the Sweet Spot 1 (Basic).
My goal is to finish the ride without being miserable, certainly not to podium.

I see there are a bunch of gravel training options, including one specific for SBT GRVL, but not sure which one to pick based on the fact that I’ll be riding the 100mi, instead of the 140mi.

Thanks for your advice.

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Hi Jennifer - the 100 miler SBGT will still be hard so if you can train 8-12 hours per week, try our Intermediate SBGT plan or if not the basic, 4-8 hours per week.

See you out there!

Thanks, Frank.
I guess that answer was obvious. For some reason I thought that I would need to scale the intensity or duration of workouts. But your suggestion makes complete sense. Thanks.

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