Standing Starts

Hi, I just finished the Strength Phase and am now moving into the Power Phase. I have a Wahoo Kcker and am unclear on the instructions. do I wait for the fly whee to come to rest before I do the start? I assume no ERG mode.
Thanks Mike

No Erg mode and wait to it does come to a rest. You basically don’t want any free movement to get the most out of the effort.

Thanks I was afraid of that.

You can do this type of work on a smart trainer but if you can get outside and do them in the real world you’ll get a better adaptation

Thanks. I live in New England. That’s not practical this time of year. Thanks.

Attempting standing start sprints on icy roads after dark definitely won’t end well . . . . :wink:

This making me look forward to active braking coming to Zwift someday. It takes a long time to come to a stop with no brakes!

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My bloody shin from a few weeks back would also like to point out… It’s also a good idea to double check that your tension is set high on your cleats before you throw down on those standing starts on the trainer…