Inability to stay inside recovery zones

Hey everyone, new to structured training and training with power.
I’m a bigger guy 6’4 190ish lbs. I recently started utilizing power during my rides and Ive found that a lot of my routes I ride have lots of rolling hills which makes it difficult to stay in zone 1 or 2 for recovery during training rides. Is it ok to just go as easy as terrain allows on recovery sets?
I think my zones are currently pretty close. Need to do a new FTP test but currently around a 319w ftp. (Based on Zwift test for what it’s worth)

Hey @anthony.jones !
When you are riding outside your power will never hold constant like it does indoors on the trainer and that is okay. It will fluctuate some, especially if you are riding on hilly terrain, but as long as you are staying within 56-75% of your FTP and your normalized power is falling within your zone 2 range for your workout you are #FtFPing. If you are having too many surges well above or below that range, look at the route you are riding and see if you can set yourself up better to execute the workout by finding a road with less hills/turns.

Also you can change your head unit to show rolling power average for 3 seconds. This will make it to show a reading that is less likely to be change so much as its an average of where you are at rather than your power output at every exact second.

Thanks Lacey, turns out my ftp was way off from what I’ve had set on Zwift!
Should be easier to stay within needed zones now.

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