Should we do a full SBT GRVL recap podcast?

Since we’ve already done multiple podcasts on the SBT GRVL race, which only really applies to a certain small section of our audience, we wanted to poll you guys to see if you’d be interested in us doing a third episode fully covering and breaking down the race data and course. Please throw your hat in the ring and let us know! Or if you think we’ve beat the horse to death, tell us we shouldn’t do that episode and we’ll choose another topic. Thanks for the feedback!!

  • YES! More SBT GRVL content!
  • Nope. Choose something else, I’m tired of hearing about groad.

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Might be more useful next year before the race…like in June or early July.

15 yays puts us over the tipping point (I said a dozen) so its ON. Until then here’s the video version with the trainingpeaks power/HR/GPS data (from the podcast)


Yeah, maybe save it until like 7 weeks before next years race.

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