SBTGRVL Pre-Race Show: Training, Equipment, and Course Conditions

Hey all,

Here’s the latest episode of the podcast where @FRANK and I discuss everything you need to know going into the final few weeks before the inaugural SBTGRVL race on August 18th. We talk course details and conditions, equipment considerations (tire choice, hydration tips, etc.), and final tune up training for the event.

Check out the podcast here:



Love the podcast! Thanks for all the pre-ride info.
Driving from California, and planning on van-camping: I think Frank mentioned that you found a good spot for that, near the start, could you share?

Thanks and see you there.

Oh yea, #vanlife. - see you there.

The Howelsen Hill Parking lot is literally across the mountain stream from the start/finish and it has bathrooms/sinks and a little pavillon. Its all of 150 feet away as the crow flies.

See you there and safe travels!