Failed field test

Hey all

So, after a few years noodling around, and a year following TR plan to the letter (apart from an injury, 100% complicance) I decided to switch to FasCat (reasons to be divulged at a later date, as not relevant to the topic at hand :slight_smile: )
I’m quite used to the ramp test in TR, but, I decided to #FtfP and attempted my 20 mins field test, indoors (air pollution too high to exercise outdoors) and using resistance mode.
I baselined on my latest (and greatest, no doubt) result over a 20 mins period, which gave me a reading of 225 versus the 220 I was before starting my last build block over on TR.

But I completely blew up.
Granted, I had 2 main problems:

  • lack of nutrition yesterday, I didn’t realise until I logged everything into MFP afterwards that I ran too big a deficit. Since I do my workouts straight out of bed, I don’t have the luxury of pre-ride nutrition.
    I did take a fair amount of carbs during the warm-up, but it could explain the lack of juice
  • Massive issue with pacing. I’m usually pretty good outdoors, on a steady climb, for instance, but this was a disaster.

Oh well, let bygones be bygones, and move on.
My current plan, which I would like validated/invalidated:

  • do tomorrow’s SS ride as planned, with my estimated FTP of 225
  • on Friday (D3 of the plan) do a ramp test and a bit of Z2 to get up to the TSS prescribed.
    That should give me a good indication of where I actually stand in terms of FTP and allow me to:
  • Retest using the 20 mins jobber on Sunday, instead of the SS group ride, adding some extra Z2 afterwards if i’m short on TSS

Does that sound reasonable?

Rather than ‘failed’ I’d suggest you ‘learned’ that your 20 minute test power is not _____ whatever watts you started out at and could not sustain.

I like 20 minute test for reasons explained in the training tip we include in your plan, but also here:

You are very close to knowing what your FTP is and still want to move forward by following your plan. Even if you are 10 watts off, high or low that is only going to affect your zones by 1-3 watts.

Its hard to advise any more on revisions and solutions without going into your training data. I think you are close and will figure it out as you go along - the training is what is going to help you improve so be sure to FtFP!


Thanks Frank
I’ll bin my idea, keep #ftfp’ing and see where how I feel in a few weeks.