SALMON WATTS! Winning in the Kitchen Recipe 🐟

Have you heard us talk about salmon in the podcast? Not sure how to cook it?
We have you covered! Check out this recipe. Lacey even nerds out a little on omega 3’s to help you understand why you should be including them in your diet!

What are some of your favorite ways to cook salmon?


Grilled sockeye salmon with a special sauce my wife buys. Sadly no pics of that - just Halibut pics (?), so I’ll toss in a special desert made by my daughter (home this weekend from college):

French fruit tart all from scratch, mmm. #LuckyDad


I love salmon and fresh fish! I’ve been doing mine with a Cajun rub in top :yum:


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On the podcast I heard Bigcat say he does 16oz of salmon, did he mean 6oz? 16 a is lot of fish!

She has some skills! That isn’t dessert, that is a piece of art!! looks delicious :yum:

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I think we might need to feature that pic on our socials @jdr365!

Frank did say that, though not sure if he was eating that all in one sitting? Maybe he will chime in to confirm!

Your body can only absorb around 20-30ish grams of protein per meal, so anything beyond that is going to either be burned for fuel (if you are below your energy needs) or stored as fat. In my opinion if you are going to consume excess calories, have those be ones that don’t cost so much lol.

4 ounces of salmon is ~24g of protein and once you add in the other foods you are eating at that meal you will easily reach that 30g threshold. :ok_hand:t3:

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ok I checked with the boss and we make Halibut and Salmon the same way. Here is a pic of the prep:

and then top with a little hunk of butter. Throw under hot broiler, put on plate, and with Salmon we top it off with Christian Potier lemon & dill sauce (sometimes we use Lemon Aioli from Oxbow market in Napa). For side dishes my wife came up with something that tastes fantastic - mixing Quinoa & Kale (Costco frozen) and Riced Cauliflower (Costcto frozen) and seasoned to taste. Pretty sure we’ve also bought frozen Q&K and Riced C at Trader Joes because, well, Costco doesn’t always have it and we like Trader Joes (plus the two stores are basically across the street from each other). The other side dish is usually French green beans or broccoli, whatever is fresh.

For lunch the next day I put leftovers on top of rocket lettuce, mmm mmm good.



That looks phenomenal brian – a well rounded, nutrient dense meal for sure.

With all these great recipes and picutres, we are going to need to hold a picture/winning in the kitchen recipe contest! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thanks Lacey, your food posts are inspirational and just trying to share back!

Regarding the Quinoa&Kale + Riced Cauliflower this is how we save time (Costco on left, Trader Joes on right):

I’m always a little suspicious of processed food but this seems ok. Just plugged into Lose It! and each serving is 210 calories, 3.5g fat, 40g carbs (9g fiber / 3g sugar), and 7g protein.

Okay so I’m really interested in going with the fascats meal stuff but I have 2 hesitations.

1 I am a vegetarian and I haven’t seen much in the way of vegetarian/vegan offerings

2 how are these plans tailored to athletes individually?

The meal plans are easily adjustable for vegans and vegetarians! Every recipe includes suggested substitutions for the seafood or chicken that is used and there is no dairy used in the plans either, so no swaps needed for that.

The intro plans are not tailored to athletes individually. I am in the process of developing a weight loss plan in which you will select your gender, weight range and activity level (same as the levels of our training plans) and the plan you receive will fall within your needs (as long as you are not working a physically demanding job). After that will come a maintenance plan to help athletes transition into the race season.

If you are looking for highly personalized plans/nutrition guidanace, I do work with athletes one on one as well and can develop meal plans specific to your training schedule, training load, food preferences, etc. As well as help you work towards your goals.


@Lacey_Rivette thank you for the response. This makes my decision MUCH easier