Rice n' Eggs (1.25 cup rice, 3 egg)

Struggling with the Rice n’ Eggs bfast, a little too savoury for me. Any alternatives? Thinking maybe the oat bfast, just half the oats and add an egg. Rice pudding would be good too or just rice and eggs.

Large bowl of oats does the trick for me every time. Add some seeds and fruit.

Yeah just trying to follow the plan as each meal is designed, not so much asking what one can have for breakfast.

Just love that rice n eggs :grin:

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Hey Ryan!
Thats the art of nutrition, we are all different and what makes one athlete feel their best might not work for another. I always encourage athletes to experiment with their meals and go beyond their typical choices, as you never know what works best until you try and this meal plan definitely reflects that.

If you find that the rice and eggs just doesnt do it for you, you can do the oatmeal or muesli and 2 eggs that you have been having with your plan. You could even do the oat flour pancakes every now and then too.

Another option you could try in place of the rice and eggs is to put a twist on the oats/muesli recipe by making it into overnight oats. To do this you would put the oats/muesli into a jar the night before with 1.5 to 2 cups almond milk, a tbsp of chia seeds and a scoop (1 oz) of plant based protein powder (or you can cook 2 eggs in the morning as your protein). Then top it with a tbsp of crushed nuts and the fresh fruit.

@Lacey_Rivette ok thanks, I wasn’t sure as the carb-protein ratios seem pretty different so it is more of a calorie thing.

@ryanolson Carb to Protein ratio definitely matters – between those meals (1 cup oats 2 eggs & 1.25 c rice 3 eggs) there is only a difference of about 10g of carbs and 2g or protein. They are also very similar in calories too, which is why it is an easy swap out :slight_smile:


Hey @Lacey_Rivette maybe I should have started a new thread here but did not want to spam the forum. I just finished the 4 week plan but did not lose any weight. I think I had a good 95% compliance and I feel like I was eating more than before. Should I give it another 4 weeks as maybe my body is adapting? My window to lose weight is probably only another 4 weeks before the training load gets too high.

Hey @ryanolson Congrats on finishing a full round of the meal plan!
Variances in weight loss can be due to a number of different reasons such as incorrect portions sizes (easy to do), addition of condiments here and there, higher intake of food while training than needed (e.g. 60g or more per hour during endurance rides), reduced training duration/intensity, etc.

With that said here are a few questions I have for you that may help to determine why:

  • Which training plan/type of training have you been doing as you followed the meal plan? (If it is strength training then calorie expenditure could be slightly lower and/or you are gaining muscle which could off set the fat loss)
  • Are you using creamer in your coffee or consuming other sweetened beverages?
  • Do you measure out your nut butters, avocado, and other calorie dense foods when portioning your meals?
  • Are you adding extra oils when you cook?
  • Do you use metric measurements when cooking?

@Lacey_Rivette yeah I was in the strengh and power phases of the weight plan so output may have been lower than normal. My measurements were accurate but I do normally eat 90-100g per hour on the bike so I will dial that back to 60. I will take a closer look at the amount of oil I am using, I use just enough to prevent sticking but can bake the proteins instead of frying them. To counter this, I did not eat as much nut butter as prescribed and only take sugar on the bike.

This is the last week of strength so I will give it another try.

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Yeah, that is likely where the discrepancy is.
90g per hour is only necessary for hard 3+ hour events or races lasting >2.5 hours. If you are riding 8 hours per week that extra 30-45g of carbs is ~900-1400 calories per week (or 1/4 to 1/2 lb).

If you havent seen this chart, it can be found in the welcome document for the meal plan. Use this when planning your ride nutrition to ensure you are not overdoing it. (note: for rides <30 min there is no need to eat)

I am confident that utilizing this, upping your time on the bike and ensuring you only use the amount of oils indicated in the plan, you will see progress :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I just double-checked and I am taking in around 250 cals per hour during training (~1 picky bar, 1 80 cal drink). I will be certain not to exceed this and look harder at the rest such as oils etc.

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