More nutrition advice

Looking for some nutrition advice…again.
I race cross on weekends and I usually do the 4/5 40+ at 9:30 and then the 4/5 open at 11:45, both of these are 30 min races and I always have a nice breakfast protein shake with my rocket lettuce mixed in and between the two races I will hydrate and have a nice snack like the rice cakes you may have seen on GCN and I feel fine and race fine…my question is this, this is the final race of this series that I’m doing and I’m also planning to move from cat 4 to cat 3 after this weekend, so in addition to 2 30 min morning races I would also like to try a 3/4 open 45 min race at 2:30 that afternoon…what advice would you recommend for fueling up for the longer 3rd race, perhaps a good lunch meal to get ready…thank you so much for your time and advice

First off…you’re crazy. :wink: Secondly, make sure you have a nice, clean recovery meal after your second race. Simple protein and carbs, like rice and eggs, or pasta and eggs. I would do the same meal 2 hours before the next race. Basically, these would be two small meals between the races. Lots of water! Perhaps, some electrolytes to sip on throughout the day, too!

thank you Brandon, i may pack some rice and scrambled eggs unless someone has a nicer meal plan they can offer…however i must admit scrambled eggs and rice are one of my favorite pre race meals

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