Replacing Weekend Group Ride

What is the best way to replace a weekend group ride by an indoor session? Due to very bad weather there won’t be a group ride this weekend but with what kind of indoor session should I replace this workout?

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You could try a Zwift race or group ride if you have that option. That is a great replacement. We like the freestyle effect of a group ride so you don’t get burnt out on looking at a timer.

The type of workout depends on the type of group ride you are trying to replicate. We have sweet spot group rides or attack style group rides. One is for aerobic fitness and the other is for interval training. Then there is the question of what part the season are you in. If you are in Fall foundation or early resistance training you can keep the indoor training short such as an hour.

Just do some tempo / sweet spot to get the TSS up to 60 - 80 and call it a day. We don’t like our athletes who are on a more road calendar (racing March - September) to be spending too much time on the trainer in late September to December.

But most of the time it just comes down to get as much work in during a short period of time. Some great workouts are sweet spot burst, sweet spot over under or crisscross workouts. Most likely you have seen these in your plan. By doing burst, over unders or crisscross you mimic the varied pace of a group ride and also help the time pass on the trainer by constantly changing the pace and effort.


This is good to know with COVID spiking in the US again this winter. There’s been no group rides in my area since March anyways. I don’t have Zwift right now (excited to get a trainer soon tho!), so will aim for a sweet spot TSS 120 +/- 25 ride this weekend (my plan is recommending that TSS).


I’m wondering how to best #FTfP at the weekends as well. I live in the North West of the UK, this weekend I have a 2.5hr 152TSS sweetspot group ride today (Saturday) and a 3hr 147TSS endurance ride tomorrow. It is absolutely pouring with rain, low single digits in temperature, dark and quite a bit of localised flooding around!

Any suggestions how I can still roughly stick to my plan without spending 5.5hours on the trainer this weekend would be much appreciated. I am thinking of jumping into a Zwift event on Saturday and then maybe doing some tempo work rather than 3hrs of endurance on the Sunday. Is this close enough?

I am doing the prescribed TSS on Zwift, including SST into it. Here it’s very cold and i gotta FtFP indoors.

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My plan…A good hearty Eggs n Rice. Fit plenty of bright lights and don your rain gear. When I come home soaked through I know I’ve put in the effort and gives me a boost. But that’s not for everyone I know.

Hi Lancs.roadie,

Yeah in the future you would just ride more tempo and sweet spot to get as close to the TSS target as possible. The further away you are from your goal race the more leeway to cutting time and TSS you can have.

Doing 65 - 70 TSS per hour you could cut that 5.5 hours down to 4 for the weekend which isn’t too bad.