Recently Not Working - Does it Make Sense to Change/Modify Plan

Currently using the 18wk SS Intermediate plan.

Recently I haven’t been working so I have more time than I anticipated when picking a plan. I have maintained the SS workouts but have been riding more, mostly more trail or gravel. My plan is to augment the training plan with additional rides, specifically by mountain biking or gravel riding more. Also, to increase Z2 work as part of the 18wk SS plan. Then take it down for regen weeks.

Previous years I get to about 14 hours a week working out. Is there any advantage I could take, given my now ample time, which makes sense for a 53 yo with ~10 years experience ? My race is usually MTB, either marathon or XC.

Thanks Brian

At 53 years young, I don’t think so. Instead simply recover better. More training is not better but more recovery always is.

Stick with your Intermediate Plan and self ad on per how you feel. The Advanced plans are designed for the younger athletes who can recovery better and thus do them.

IOW just bc you have the time doesn’t mean you should ride more. Get a massage, take a nap, win in the kitchen or simply lay on the couch and chill out. That’s what not working affords you (less stress) and better recovery :white_check_mark:

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