Change plans? From advanced to intermediate?

I have been questioning my choice of advanced for my training plans for a while. Listening to you guys talk about fatigue and the masters athlete on your podcast. I have not wanted to swallow my pride I think? I had a life weekend and didn’t get to do my FTP test on sat. I went Sunday to do it and I felt horrible. My first 10 was my highest ever but it was my 3rd highest 20. I am wondering if I should back off to intermediate? I did place 2nd in my first race but have felt very tired ever since. I race again this Sat. I did purchase the 6 week interval plan but it is advanced. What should I do? Oh and by the way I am 50.

Apologies for delay here. I find the intermediate plan is a good balance for busy people. You can get close to the same amount of real hard work on the bike and have a little extra time each week to recover. The key here is the recovery. Everyone can go out and train to exhaustion, but many don’t spend the time to recover well to come back stronger. I am 47 and I learned a few years ago it’s better to ride with more intensity and less volume and then recover properly. I hope this helps!

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