Changed Road Race Season Plans

Hi Frank and others,

I am currently in Week 6 of the 16 Week Resistance Plan building for my road racing season. My original plan was to finish this plan, then complete the road intervals 6 week plan to peak for the state road race champs in Steamboat on May 31.

I will now be out of town for a week in mid-April, so I thought I would change my goal race to the Buff Gold Race on April 6th. Since the event is in 12 weeks, I assume I do not want to do resistance training for 10 weeks then just 2 weeks of intervals before race day.

Any suggestions on shortening the resistance program to get in intervals before my goal race?



You would want to get in at least 6 weeks of sweet spot (ideally are least 12) and a 6 week interval specific plan before a goal race. So that might mean cutting resistance program shorter if the times don’t allow. At this point you’ll benefit much more from the sweet spot work.

However you can keep your same goal race. A week away, over a month from a goal event won’t derail a plan. You just might have to rework it so you have a heavy load of training before you leave. That way use the week away as recovery. Do yoga and foundation.

Is it ideal no, but it’s still more weeks of training you’ll be able to get in from now till end of May then the start of April. So can get a complete training cycle in.



Thanks for the quick reply and advice! Since I am 12 weeks out from the race and have the road intervals scheduled after my current plan, I will switch to 6 weeks of Sweet Spotting starting Monday.

Would I be able to skip to the last 6 weeks in the Resistance Plan, or do I need to buy the Sweet Spot 1 6 week plan? The last 6 weeks of my current plan start with a 20 minute test and include a bunch of Sweet Spot and Tempo Riding, so it seems like it could be a good substitution, but please let me know if I am wrong!

Last 6 weeks of the resistance + base is the sweet spot 1 so you are set! Start with that and you will be good.

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Great, I will just push that to start next week. Thanks again Jake!

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