Question is to FTP or not?

Hi! I am brand new to FasCat and I just uploaded the plan to TP. I didn’t realize it was going to start with an FTP test off the bat. I am not really ready for that sufferfest yet (I started am doing longer runs with some hills repeats and lifting again, so I would get a lower FTP because I’m sore from that!). I want to start the workouts though, is it “close enough” to use last years FTP (it was last tested in November of last year).

  • Seems extremely unlikely that you would have the same FTP as you did from 11 months ago.

Bite the bullet, do a test and start training with a reasonably accurate value vs some hopeful guess.

I think the answer might be more nuanced. Last year I was coming off an injury and 2+ week trip of a lifetime. It was a true restart and I was self-coaching. For starters I have very good HR zones and simply used those to guide my z2 aerobic endurance and tempo workouts. So depending on a lot of things, you might be just fine without doing a 20-minute field test.

I’m holding out for an answer that says I don’t have to :slight_smile:

Best to do the test, sorry. It doubles as great threshold training :muscle:


^ and that’s why I hired FasCat instead of self-coaching :joy:


fine, she says with a resignation…

done. never gets easier.


Way to push through Julie!! :muscle:t3:

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I want to make this t-shirt one day :slight_smile:


I think I could make that happen :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: