FTP Test scheduling question

Hey Team FasCat Coaching - question for you all…but let me set the stage - i’m 3 weeks away from wrapping up the 12 week strength program. i will immediately knock out the #rapha500 between Christmas Eve and the 28th. Then i head to Breckenridge for 5 days to go snowboarding…now that you know the schedule and timeline i’m working with…When would you recommend that i scheduling a FTP test for myself?



FTP tests are part of our sweet spot and interval plans. Get on one of those and #FtFP!

Right. But that doesn’t really answer my question. I know you guys have plans that call for a test and I’m thankful for that. My question was surrounding the timing. Should I test before I start my base type training or should I get back to training, after the ski trip and test a few weeks in?


But it really does @josephdabbs bc the testing is built into our plans. You don’t just test nilly willy - its gotta be set up right. Timing, rest days - there’s a lot that goes into a good test and if you’re following the plan they set you up for good test.