Power training in the burbs

Basic question about power-based training. I live in the burbs of KC and it takes me 20-30 minutes to get past the stop lights only to have a million rolling hills which are good but very tough to hit and maintain my power zones. lately, I’ve been doing the short interval zone specific work indoors and then heading outside for the long rides (3+ hour). Any thoughts to this approach?

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That’s good. I know in the city can be tough. I went to college at Marian in the middle of Indianapolis. It’s hard to do efforts perfectly but would just know where certain ones worked better. Indoors always works till you mentally can’t take it.

As for rolling hills and maintaining an effort use your gears. Will be slow at times uphill, and high cadence down. It’s more specific to the terrain your on so use it.

The only time you really need to be super specific is when doing intervals that target a specific goal i.e. hill in race is 20 minutes or splits on a hard 5 minute segment and that’s what your specifically working on.

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