CX Weekend Racing and Nutrition


Just reviewed Lacey’s Post Ride Nutrition video (April 11th). Great advice for training and I am wondering how the nutrition guidelines would change for back-to-back weekend mornings of CX racing. What modifications would be suggested for refueling, repair and recovery?


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Hey @MudIsFunner!
Since CX racing is rather short and you have ~24 hours between events you should have no issues refueling and topping off your glycogen stores between your races. All you need to do is ensure you get in some carbs and protein post workout (1.2g/kg of carbs per hour for the first 2 hours +30g of protein post race should be plenty for these races) and eat a well balanced dinner… then of course, eat a good breakfast the morning of the race with at least 2g of carbs per kg of body weight :slight_smile:

Thanks, Lacey. I’ve used the FasCat granola for race breakfasts and it works well for me.

Here’s the link for everyone: Granola: Winning in the Kitchen Recipe – FasCat Coaching

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