Post-race nutrition for 3-crit weekend

I have read Post Ride Nutrition – FasCat Coaching and my question doesn’t quite fit the flowchart.

I’m racing in 2 crits this Saturday and one on Sunday. Each crit is 40 minutes long. The 2nd crit is 6 hours after the 1st crit. The 3rd crit is 17 hours after the 2nd crit. Strava history says I burn 500 calories in each of crits.

How many grams carbs per kg bodyweight do I need post-race after crit 1 & crit 2? I want to be refueled for each crit but don’t want to go overboard.

Hey @shane.crowe, I would aim to have a recovery beverage after each race, maybe 60 g of CHO and then eat a CHO rich meal ~3 hours before crit #2, maybe 100g of CHO. I would then again eat a CHO rich pre-race meal before crit #3. That should be sufficient replace a lot of the lost muscle glycogen and help you meet your energy demands without ‘over doing it’. My overall sentiment is that these races are going to use a lot of CHO, and it’s going to be much easier to under do it than over do it. Hope that’s helpful.

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