Post crash training adjustment

So yesterday I crashed at 25 mph. Nothing broken but lots of road rash and a very sore hip. I had just started week 2 of sweet spot part 3. Should I just take time off the bike to heal up completely before I resume training where I left off. Or should I try to do some zone 1 and 2 rides? I don’t have any A events until cross season but I have made good progress in fitness I don’t want to lose. Thanks for any advice.

With so long until your A races, I would give your body the time it needs to heal, any small fitness loss will be outweighed by the quality training you’ll get in from having healed quickly and fully.

Does that mean stay totally off the bike? Difficult to say. I’d give 1-2 days off the bike before easing back in to some easy Z2 rides, and don’t be afraid to take more rest if your body tells you that you need it.

Then, once riding Z2 feels basically normal/comfortable, pick back up with the plan.


@Christian thanks for sharing your wisdom. I do have a hard time listening to my body and scaling back so I will take this to heart.


so I’m back to “serious” training this upcoming week after a couple weeks of mostly endurance miles and recovery/easy rides. sadly CTL dropped 15% but hoping the rest did my body some good.

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