Lost CTL now what?

I’ve had rough go the last 3 weeks with a bad illness and then a week off for vacation.
This week Ive tried to get back into training and just go on feel if I need to cut intensity down, but I’ve lost a lot. I can’t do multiple high efforts, longer medium efforts are so hard, and my hr is super high.
I’m not sure if I should ditch my training and just ride or continue to push intervals until my legs come back.
Lotoja is September 11, so I’d like to get something back in my legs even if it’s not what I had hoped.

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Sorry about @lindsay.marx - I am not sure what training plan you are following but rebuilding your base with sweet spot training is where I would start.

This would ‘cut down on the intensity’ and help you concentrate on longer easy rides to re-gain your strength and build back up your base. Try that for a week (?) and see if that doesn’t help.

If you start to feel strong again thennnnnn and back in intensity. BUT for LotoJa - I’d concentrate on the long ride because that’s essentially what that race is!


Thank you @FRANK
I’ll focus more on sweet spot. I was doing the hill climb plan, but it feels really hard to muster through the threshold and supra thresholds. I did an event on Saturday and used my higher tempo - SS on a 35 minute climb… so I was glad to feel a bit more coming into my legs.

after that amount of time off, your zones and going to be lower than what they were

Yes, I realize that. I didn’t take all 3 weeks off, the 2 weeks I was ill was a lot of zone 1 and 2 rides and rather than 5 rides/week was more like 3.
Right now my legs are coming back to form. I still can’t hold my upper end VO2 + for very long, but all my other zones are coming back nicely.