Parks for CX training, cornering

Does anyone have any favorite spots (other than Valmont) in the Boulder area for practicing cornering and off-camber? Most of the parks seem to have really thick grass that doesn’t work as well for cornering practice.

Hey Tracey - yea, north boulder park and foothills tends to have that thick landscaped grass. The glider hill at FootHills is good for off camber , especially if you do a 180 at the bottom and try to ride back up.

Tantra park in South Boulder is great. Harlow Platts has thick grass but its the race course so nothing better than practicing on the race course :muscle:

For Sand practice - head over to the Rez - we’ve had 'cross races there too in the past. Watch out for goatheads tho!

And lastly but not by all means least or everything is the Bowl of Death :skull_and_crossbones: - its back on the schedule this year and has all the above and then some. Have fun!

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You have to get creative at some of these parks and do “mini loops” such as what we see Toon Aerts doing here:

Toon’s is a unique spot, but you could do similar. For example, set up a small figure 8 loop on steep grass hill, like at Tantra Park or even the mound at Foothills Park. This would be great training!