Boulder Area Rides?

Hi friends!

I’ll be in the general Boulder area during Mountain Bike Nationals as my stud of a kid will be racing there. I’m full roadie, so I need some help with some Winter’s Park/Boulder area rides, not being from the area.

Any good races/rides happening during the week of July 22?

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I’ll keep my eyes/ears out for you. The road riding in Winter Park is nil - one way in and one way out. Berthoud Pass is epic but you’ll be battling 18 wheelers :frowning:

Boulder is 90 minutes away by car so a completely different riding locale. Follow folks on Strava and social media for ride ideas. The Boulder Rapha club has their ride schedule posted.

Awesome, thank you. I’m no stranger to driving to race, living in Reno, so 90 minutes is no problem!