CX Technique - Cornering

Cat 2 CX Racer and have a question regarding cornering over bumpy/grassy terrain. If you are familiar with the Back to Basics course in Golden it is basically cut out of a field with multiple grass divots and bumps. I understand that cornering should be done wide - apex - wide but what if, as going through the apex you are riding over multiple divots/bumps, should your ass be in the saddle or hovering above it. My gut wants me to hover to alleviate some of the jack hammering but my mind says to stay in the seat to dig into the terrain? Appreciate any advice.

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Hi Tony - ah yes, the Juvi center course of 1,000 turns. I recommend trying 3 experiments for the same corner:
#2not hovering
#3 a different line in the saddle

See which is the fastest, go with that and continue to refine.

If I had to pick one Iā€™d say hover by way of slightly unweighting using your outside pedal

Every corner is different (speed, angle, etc.). Even the same corner on different laps can feel like a different because of speed variance and fatigue. When ever possible stay as light on the saddle as possible and keep pedaling if you can! If not, still stay light on the saddle and lay off the brakes! Flow is your friend.