Ordered the wrong level

Sorry, just ordered 18wk Ironman Sweetspot plan but I’ve selected Basic instead of Advanced. Only noticed after I accepted it into TrainingPeaks. Is it possible to swap please? Order #62627.

Thanks! Mark.

Hey Mark,
Not an issue at all, I just bumped you up to the intermediate version :slight_smile:

Thanks for being a FasCat and best of luck sweet spotting!!

Thanks Lacey but its the ADVANCED I’d like please?


Ha, apologies… My coffee has yet to kick in. I obviously cannot read.
Sharing the advanced one now!

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Thanks very much, and sorry about the hassle, my fault for picking the wrong level at the start.

Been reading some of your articles and eating huge bowls of salad and sweet potato fries over the weekend around a 26mile run and a 80mile ride :slight_smile: recovery is ace today… :slight_smile:

Thanks, Mark.

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No need to apologize… you were just too excited to start FtFP’ing! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I am pumped you are finding the nutrition info helpful, fueling well is a key part of the recovery equation if you want to be able to throw down the watts!!