Access to training plans forum category

I just started using the XC MTB plan I purchased this spring. Can I please get access to the Training plans forum that is locked for customers only?


For sure - was this your first plan or have you purchased before the forum went live? I just want to figure out why you don’t have access when you should. Thanks for point this out!

I bought both of my plans before the forum went live. I suspect that is the reason I don’t have access yet. I got the Iceman 13 week last year and the intervals for XC MTB this year.

Thanks Coach!

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Ah, sorry about that - danged website was supposed to automatically grant you access. I will manually add you right now, thanks for your patience!

No worries, the access is certainly not holding me back from #FTFPing, lol

I appreciate it, have a great weekend!

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