Offline and yoga glo activation


I just purchased a plan for sweetspot training and is there a way to have some videos available offline, I am asking because when I work on the mine sites in shifts of 14 days I can’t upstream any videos,
Also, how do I get a free account on yoga flo? It’s says 14 days free then they will charge?

Thank you,

Hi Roxanne - we emailed you your YogaGlo codes and they are also in one of the 1st few workouts in TrainingPeaks - there’s a link and the code to enter. It is a 30 day FREE membership but after that you will either need to pay to continue or remember to cancel your membership (it does require a credit card to sign up).

Not sure about your videos - them are from youTube which requires wifi so maybe there is a tool or app or service that allows you to save youTube videos to watch them ‘off the grid’

Hope that helps

actually the yogaGlo discount is for 60 days, yahoo!