Off week after long build

Getting ready for CX and just ended a recovery week that followed an 8+ week build (with only a few day recovery block instead of an actual week)… yes I know I should have FTFP and actually taken a week instead of a few days

The thing im noticing is that yesterday(and through most of the recovery week), my legs were heavy and i was struggling to hit decent numbers/watts on the bike.

Is this because:
a) I built for too long, and need more recovery
b) Recovery weeks are supposed to make you feel like crap for a few days after
c) other

Its a bit demoralizing to do a bunch of workouts and then feel horrible when the training peak fork/fatigue numbers say I should be feeling better!

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this is just because you didn’t FtFP :slight_smile:

Sounds like you are behind on your recovery.

By not honoring the rest week, you got out of balance with your recovery and this is how it feels/what happens. The good news you can get back on track by following the plan and enjoy smooth sailing :sailboat: with balanced training and recovery.

Read, watch and listen to proper recovery here and remember to #FtFP:

I wanted to jump in with a related question about the “off-week”. Mine off week is supposed to be this week. However, next week I will be off the bike Sunday-Sunday. I will be backpacking, but probably not huge mileage. I was thinking I would keep training this week and use next week while I am backpacking as my “off-week”. Does that sound reasonable or should I do something different?

Oh @melissabarkertamplin - how am I gonna give you a hard time about #FtFP’ing when you are the National Champ, and clearly doing something right?!?! :crazy_face:

Forum friends - Melissa used our cyclocross plans last year and won her Nationals Race! And she was backpacking last Summer too so I can safely say to her - yes, switch the weeks around per your backpacking trip.

While you are out in the wilderness - you can still do the following exercises that are on your cx plans:
CX RUN Workouts (the ones w/o the bike)

Have fun and hope that helps -

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