Elevated heart rate after nats build

Just finished up last week build block as were now tapering into cx nats. This weeks wkts are back to high intensity(hot laps, etc) and I’ve noticed my heart rate is consistently higher(around 10bpm), than when I’ve done high intensity stuff earlier. Could this be a sign of under/overtrained, getting sick, or just body getting back used to high intensity having a previous week of long base/build rides?

Could be a number of things. I wouldn’t worry about it if your power and perceived exertion felt spot on for the effort. If your power was low and heart rate high I would be a bit concerned. Or again if the effort felt way harder than it should have or was before.

Since it sounds like you just did a big build last week and you are taper into nationals just make sure you get plenty of rest this week. Try to get some extra sleep. I believe we can cross off not training enough or losing fitness as a reason for the higher heart rate. Also once you are a week away from an event you really can’t adapt to any training. So with that said the best thing regardless at this point is rest. Continue to make your short intense efforts to stay sharp and ready to race but keep the rest of the riding light. Try to get extra sleep this week and rest. Coming off a big block you could be a bit fatigued but you still have 5 or more days before cx nationals this week.