No resting between sweetspot intervals

Is there any negative effect to not resting between sweetspot intervals and just do the whole prescribed amount in one go?

Turning a 4x10 into a 40 min effort or a 2x20, I just feel that when i rest i just cant keep up the zone 2 y drop the power completely, but im perfectly fine with the sustained sweet spot.

As long as you can hold the power and keep it consistent you are good. Its about the amount of work and workload you do. You just don’t wan to be 30 minutes into it and go from riding at 92 - 94% of TP to like 86% or lower.

Also sometimes it depends on your goals or specific events. If you are going to do a race with 10 minute climbs might be nice to get that duration of work in.

I tend to like to do the longer intervals myself. If indoors though it is nice to break up the efforts and have the mini goals of of 10 minutes.

So to make a long answer short no as long as you can complete the proper work. If you are going to do some gravel races, long time trials or etc it is good to feel out doing efforts that are that long and adapt to that.

yes - this is not FtFP’ing and you’ll get 40 virtual lashes for not following the plan!

Plus whatever Coach @Jake says

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Thanks for the reply @Jake @FRANK, I will FTFP as prescribed just to be sure

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