Sweetspot intervals - general knowledge

Hi all, just a general knowledge question. If a rider (not me) can maintain their sweetspot for 45 min or a hour, say, what is the training benefit of doing intervals like 3x15 or 2x20? Thanks!

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Hiya @theodore.powers - if a rider can do 45 min of continuous sweet spot, it just means they are riding strong and are well adapted to that volume of sweet spot training.

Intervals whether they are VO2, threshold, Sweet Spot and even Tempo are simply structured to give the rider rest in order to be able to complete the prescribed amount [3 x 15 min = 45 min total].

3 x 15 is also more trainer friendly than 45 min straight (ouch). I’d say my 45 continuous bouts of sweet spot for long climbs outdoors.

Hope that answers your q - keep sweet spottin and FtFP’ing! This training tip about how much sweet spot you should do may also help you understand more


Super, thanks for the reply. I just wondered if there was a physiological reason to take rest besides just…rest.


That’s an interesting question. I wonder if there is a repeatability factor in play. For example, if I do 45 straight minutes at 92% today, how will I feel going into my workout tomorrow versus if I did 3x15 at the same intensity today?

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Exactly @kfath.30 you’ll recover better and be able to FtFP better downstream.

No doubt 45 continuous minutes of sweet spot is fairly taxing and one reason why we prescribe 3 x 15.

It also depends on where you are “@” in relation to your build, your goal event(s) and how your training has been going - FTP on the rise , static , etc…

Sometimes when we see athletes smash 45 minutes continuous relatively easy - that’s an indication that their FTP has increased :muscle: