Can Repeating SST Base Too long impair higher(ish) end power?

Hi, i’ve been following 18 weeks of sweetspot since january, done the 18 weeks, took a short break, repeated part 2 and finishing 3 now.
Done some races, had good results, and i’m feeling well. Sweetspot workouts became a lot easier, but when i try to put the power down on zone 6 and above, it feels really much harder than it used to be.

e.g My 1 min power used to be around 600W, now i’m struggling to hold 470. Is this to be expected since i haven’t been doing hard, short duration intervals? I’m starting hill climbing intervals in august, should i expect improvements?


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Sweet spot is great training! It will make you strong and raise your fitness. However it won’t help your top end. It’s advance aerobic training. Zone 6 is anaerobic. You should add in intensity into your training. The climbing plan is good as you’ll get threshold and Vo2 max Zone 5 intervals. So you will get the intensity. Could try our road race / criterium plan or in season plan since you do some racing. Be the best way to work on the top end. You should try to be well rounded. 6 weeks of intensity mixed in after that 18 weeks of sweet spot is the best way to go.


Absolutely @marcelo.miyano to do only sweet spot training is leaving watts on the table. After you’ve built sufficient ‘base’ with sweet spot then you want to do intervals and we recommend intervals specific for your cycling discipline:[366]

If you have an event with some climbing our hill climbing intervals plan is wonderful!

To answer your question - if you want to work on your 1 minute power we suggest our road or criterium intervals plans or even or combo road & crit.

jinx ! Lol :crazy_face:

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Thanks guys, i’m on the right direction then! Will keep #ftfp :+1: