Entered wrong email

I did exactly what you said not to do accidentally entered the wrong email for training peaks. Can I get some help fixing this debacle.
I should have entered mitchellini13@yahoo.com

No problem! I shared the plan you purchased with your TrainingPeaks email: mitchellini13@yahoo.com

I haven’t seen anything on training peaks
Thanks sorry for the confusion

The plan should come through your email first. You have to hit accept training plan in the message before it will appear in TrainingPeaks.

No worries on confusion, happy to to help. If not there check your spam folder. It will come from TrainingPeaks.

Again let me know!

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Sorry dude still not seeing it. No email from TP


just sent that out to you again and it looks like it went through on our end. Triple check and let us know if you still don’t receive it by days end.

For some reason my training peaks isn’t sending out emails trying to figure it out

I think I have it now my email address hasn’t been verified so maybe try one more time.
Sorry about that

you got it. just sent that out again.