New Dad more power more watts

Hi guys,

I am a week into father duties and my perspective has shifted.

When I’m doing my jump power squats I imagine my son Alex on the bar as I lift and explode vertically.

Call it new Dad fever but I swear it’s easier to lift the same weight as the week before.

Apart from my training goals I’m now heading out the door to set an example to my kid. To show him anything is possible. My medium term goal now is to be a fit as possible before he starts obtaining a memory.

Everyone talked down my training aspirations pre birth.

I told them FasCat wouldn’t hear anything of it. He’d just say zip it and FTFP.



Congrats on being a new father Sam! Glad you are finding motivation with it. One of my favorite things was brining my new baby daughter on the podium a few times. Now she’s 10 isn’t too terribly impressed. Lol!

Congrats @sam ! Its a phenomena called #DadWatts and a technique that Coach Brandon calls #secretTraining. Good luck and post your kid podium pics here first!