Need Help Accessing Purchased Training Plans

I purchased Sweet Spot for the Triathlete Part 1, 2 and 3 on December 2. However, due to my schedule I did not open the emails for the Training Plan invites until December 6. Now when I click the link “Accept Plan” I get the message “Shared key is not present or has expired.” I cannot find a way to add this plan to my TrainingPeaks account. And yes, I’m using the same email address on TrainingPeaks that I used to purchase the plans on Fascat.

How can I add these plans to TrainingPeaks? I don’t see them in my TrainingPeaks calendar under “Training Plan Library” nor do I see them anywhere on my Fascat account.

Thanks for the help!

Hi @nicholasbuehring - just sent those 3 plans to you again - be sure to click the “Accept Training Plan” email and then steps 1 -7 here.

Thanks and good luck #FtFP’ing!

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Thanks so much! Excited to get started!

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